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Journey Through the Valley

Kathy Bernard
Suggested Donation: $13.00

We are all on life's journey, each starting and finishing at different times.  The journey has many adventures, opportunities, and mountaintop experiences as well as valleys.  The valleys, or low points, in our lives can knock the wind out of our sails, and our lives can feel like they have come to a standstill or even a downward spiral.  But there is hope in the midst of those valleys.  God is still present.

 This book is a blog composed during a deep personal valley when my son Luke was in a near fatal car accident.  My blog was used to inform many of Luke's progress.  We had a lot of time to reflect, read God's Word, pray, and sing songs by his bedside.  But my blog became more than a status report.  It was a special time where God ministered to us through the encouragement of individuals, scriptures, songs, and poems.  Through the years, people have asked to read my blog and encouraged me to put into a book.  So I share my family's story to encourage those going through a personal valley.

  Come share my journey…


The Favorite

Luke Benjamin Bernard
Suggested Donation: $15.00

Based on the real experiences of Luke Bernard and his physical and spiritual transformation, told through the life of two brothers. "The Favorite" is the story of a distanced and agitated son, hurt by what he perceives as favoritism, who vents his anger through fighting. Will he injure the very people he loves most? Or will he find healing before it is too late?



The Favorite Workbook

Luke Benjamin Bernard
Suggested Donation: $6.00

This workbook is intended to assist readers in understanding where God stands when it comes to favoritism. This 6 week study is to help those who have been hurt learn to reconcile differences and find answers.

The Favorite Top Ten

Dr. Terry Teykl
Price: $3.00

This 21 day prayer guide was created to purposely guide your prayers for 10 specific people you would like to see come to Christ. 


Price: $15.00

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