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On October 13th we had a special viewing for The Favorite at the Manatee Performing Arts Center.  METV, Manatee Educational Television, was there to capture every exciting moment.  Listen to Luke talk about the movie and his experience, and answer questions about the movie in a special Q&A session before the viewing. 
Before and after the movie METV was able to interview several people who attended the special event to find out what they were excited most about seeing the movie, and their reaction once they watched the full film.  You can see these interviews at about 30 minutes into the clip. 



"Luke shares his story of tragedy and healing with a focus on God's love and grace.  No matter your background in life, you can find yourself connected to his story!  You will be blessed."

-- Sam Hamby, Pastor

Hiawassee United Methodist Church

"Many of my young adults had not committed their lives to Christ prior to Luke sharing at our service.  They were frequenting the clubs.  After Luke's ministry, they stopped the drinking and clubbing and gave their lives to Christ and recently were baptized.  I thank God for the work God has done in Luke and the spiritual impact it has had on our young adults."

-- Gerry Lopez, Pastor

Good Servant of God Church

"It was fantastic having Luke and Daniel Bernard speak at Cornerstone.  Eight college students prayed to surrender their lives to Christ and many others were deeply moved by the miracle healing God did in Luke in answer to the family's desperate prayers.  I highly recommend having them minister together to your congregation."

-- Bill Cooper, Pastor

Cornerstone Christian Church Tampa

"Favoritism is an age-old problem that has touched most of us in some way. In The Favorite, the physical and relational brokenness tears at your heart, but the power of faith and family comes to the rescue. Triumph can come out of tragedy, and peace is possible in broken relationships. Our world is starving for a message of faith, hope and love, and The Favorite illustrates how that spiritual and emotional hunger can be overcome."

Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of Orlando Magic and

Author of "Extreme Winning"

"The Favorite has an amazing message. The best part of this work is the fact that it is real. I was the keynote speaker at a fundraising banquet for the Bernard's ministry. The mood of the banquet was more somber than most fundraisers because weeks earlier, Luke, the Bernard's son had a near fatal accident in L.A. As a result, Daniel was with Luke as they Skyped in during the banquet. This was a moment all of us who attended will never forget. We were amazed by the protective hand of God on Luke's life. Inspired by these true events Luke's saga will have a profound positive impact on you, your friends, and your family. Get ready; get ready; get ready! The Favorite is unforgettable, uplifting, and compelling."

Harry Jackson, Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church Chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition Beltsville, Maryland

"As pastors and counselors understand, the issue of sibling rivalry—often unacknowledged aloud, sometimes rising from mistaken perceptions—frequently lies shallow in troubled family dynamics. The dramatic narrative of The Favorite unveils such a conflict, against the backdrop of a catastrophic automobile accident and a subsequent miracle that changes lives and reunites a

family. I am a leader of a Christian denomination, and I will recommend this book to our church families."

Mark L. Williams, Presiding Bishop/General Overseer

Church of God International Offices

"Many, including myself, were deeply affected as we witnessed the Bernard family go through the journey of a difficult and heartrending time in the aftermath of the near tragic accident with their son, Luke. I know many who read the book, The Favorite, will be impacted with a renewed sense of faith, hope, love, healing and reconciliation"

Dr. Doug Stringer, Founder Somebody Cares International

"It has been my privilege to know the Bernard family for the last 30 years. I have seen them affect whole communities for Christ. Their faithfulness to the Gospel is untiring. Their love for people is a compassion that is wide and deep. And most astounding is their resilience in the face of adversity. When Luke Bernard was injured in a severe car accident, they rallied to their son day and night, calling a nation of people to pray for his recovery. The message of The Favorite is that you are God's favorite, it's just that He has a lot of them. As a nationally known prayer leader, I heartily recommend this book to change you and your community. The favor of God that is on this family and this book is one more example of its manifest expression to help people to experience God."

Dr. Terry Teykl, President Pray for Renewal Ministries

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